Nature Journaling – Elmstead Woods

During the summer I did a wildflower survey in Elmstead Woods (South East London) for and collected leaves from some of the plants I saw.
I decided to make a nature journal page using paper copies of the leaves and thought I’d share how I made it.

DSC_4758 copy

Firstly I pasted a brown paper bag to a journal page, I used a Muji bag torn in half.


I then painted it in various shades using my Inktense blocks (luv them!) and also pasted on some printed tissue paper which I also painted over.


I then used a stencil (the first and only stencil I have) and dabbed it using Inktense again and a Tim Holtz inking tool, I just wet the tray of blocks with a mini mister and dabbed over the block colours I wanted and then dabbed the stencil.


I then printed a black and white leaf onto the shiny side of a silhouette cameo mat cover which I cut down to A4 size, then transferred the print onto the page by laying it face down and rubbing it.
It worked quite well!


I then prepared my leaves by scanning them, editing them in photoshop then tracing them in the Silhouette Studio software.
I then painted them with Inktense and distress ink.


I attached them to the page using foam sticky pads.
I also created some text in photoshop using a font called Mom’s Typewriter which I downloaded from I coloured the cutout text and pasted it to the page

And it was finished, I am so pleased with how it turned out :)



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