Funky 3D Boombastic Box SVG

Hi, I just thought I’d make a quick blog post about my new Funky 3D Boombastic Box.
It was inspired by memories of playground break-dancing and body-popping with electro and old skool hip hop mix tapes :) and features a working cassette tray, mini cassette tape and realistic graphic equalizer sliders :)

boombastic box 3d svg cuting file

The SVG files are available here

In other news I had a fantastic weekend, Saturday was spent celebrating Cha-guy’s birthday at a micro-brewery called The Kernel in Bermondsey, London. The Brewery is run by a group of friends who were all part of a computer arts collective called GoTo10 and specialised in creating artworks from open sourced software.
I sometimes think of them as monks of the digital age..

Then on Sunday we went to the Lambeth Country Show in Brixton, London where I danced to reggae bands alongside elderly rastas with dreadlocks down to their ankles, saw an Owl display (Cha-guy has a Tawny Owl in the trees near his house), ate some Jamaican curry goat with rice and peas :) then saw African drummers on the festival ‘Village Green’.
It was a fantastic day out.

Will post pictures soon..

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