Newsreel mini-album and Twilight Science

Some of you may know that I work in footage archives as my day job, and as a little treat I decided to make a mini album dedicated to archive footage newsreels.
It was sort of inspired by the purchase of some absolutely gorgeous patterned paper by First Edition called Noir et Chic.

Newsreel mini album svg
Newsreel Mini Album

I used the patterned paper to cover pages cut on my.. you guessed it Silhouette Cameo, I then designed some early cinema type ephemera to add to the album, including film cans, cameras and reels of film. These were added as a layout to pictures of early film footage.

I had a blast making it and have made the files available here

Last night CHA-Guy and I went to the Twilight Science event at the Royal Academy in St James’ Park. It was a fun and informative evening of science comedy, demonstrations and a quiz. One of the questions was about the door handles at the Royal Society… obviously we didnt have a clue so afterwards we went to check them out.. and yes they have a DNA double helix in them.

DNA Door Handle small

We didn’t do too badly in the quiz, mainly because they had a whole section on Darwin… ;)

Bye for now..

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