Saturday morning 30.3.2013

Had a restful morning after much stress during the week.. thankfully all gone now :)
I decided to design and make some greetings cards for upcoming birthdays, taking inspiration from a little cardboard box with retro paris imagery on it. I used silhouette cameo files to cut the shapes and added some bling!!

Paris amour greetings card silhouette cameo
Paris amour greetings cards

Am looking forward to having 2 more days off for rest and play, we are hoping to get the river boat up the Thames on monday, in order to visit Tate Britain for ‘Schwitters in Britain’ exhibition. Hopefully it wont be too cold. brrr.. this cold snap is really dragging on and nothing in the garden seems to be growing. Am looking forward to warmer weather, exploring on my bike and enjoying nature..

Earlier in the week I finished a cute little miniature house with tiny furniture :)

Miniature paper cut house
Miniature house interior
miniature house exterior silhouette cameo
miniature house exterior

I hope your saturday is going good!!

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