Silhouette Cameo… :)

I am now the proud owner of a Silhouette Cameo cutter :) (explodes into a puff of glitter, feathers, hearts and kittens)… lol

silhouette cameo
silhouette cameo

Its a card and paper cutter which allows you to download or design cutting files to be cut into your desired media, it can also cut fabric, vinyl, and has a pen attachment for plotting/drawing :)

So far I’ve used it to make all my xmas cards, boxes for presents and it even cut the fabric for some of my hand sewn gifts :)

Over xmas I used the included studio software to design a Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

Here is the completed cut

Queen Victoria Crowned Pigeon
crowned pigeon

I’m so pleased with my new toy :) and cant wait to get cracking on making some new cutting files.

Here are some of my other cuts

xmas cards and presents
xmas cards and presents
cute girly stuff
cute girly stuff
platonic solids xmas decorations
platonic solids xmas decorations

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