Penshurst Adventure

I took my newly acquired and lovingly restored Raleigh ‘Misty’ Mixte on a mini expedition to the medieval stronghold of Penshurst Place in the Weald of Kent. It’s a 14th century mansion-house built for a former mayor of london and later acquired by the Sidney family in 1552.

‘The original medieval house is one of the most complete examples of fourteenth century domestic architecture in England surviving in its original location.’ Wiki

It was a beautiful day to follow the National Cycle Network route number 12 from Tonbridge to Penshurst, I tried to capture the marvel of the journey in the pictures below.

I passed a stream clogged full of duckweed and found the greens and shadows stunning

Reflections in a stream passing through woodland

Some white cattle graze in a field, they were really sweet.

Flower bed flag

Arrow motif in a hedge

Bear and wire man

Wire man, I really like the way the wire contrasts with the brickwork

I love all the different textures and forms of white in this photo


Colourful Medieval Poles

More Poles

Views of the garden walls and magnificent trees

The main garden in front of the house

Penshurst Place

Nice little window in the garden wall

Arrow head motifs (which I think are part of the Sidney family coat of arms) frame the view

A tree with lots of holes

Seed head detail

Eryngium flowers

Waterlilly pattern

Porcupine with arrow-head motif

Geometric topiary

Your can vew more pictures here

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