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Life Book 2018 YAY** All Change Is Good

Hey all! I have finally started Life Book 2018!! YAY it was a delayed start whilst I launched my greetings cards and my new paper hospitality products.. so pleased I completed this!!

This bear presents a very good message that ALL CHANGE IS GOOD.. change can be hard especially when it takes you out of your comfort zone, and initially we want to put out heads in the sand and avoid all discomfort. But its amazing how the act of change itself can be really nourishing and fortifying in the long-term, especially when it is done in consistent little steps :)


ALL CHANGe IS GOOD art joanne seale






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Getting stuff done :)

Hello everyone! I hope you are well? I feel that I am finally on top of things after months of planning, preparing and creating.

I managed to create and launch a new website for my paper designs! It will see me expand from offering digital cutting files to providing finished products to the hospitality market. I am sooo excited!! :)

I also redesigned my website www.joanneseale.com to include new sections on my paper designs and my new greetings cards!!
I’ve been making greetings cards from my artwork for quite some time but have never made them available for use, more details will follow in a later post.

joanne seale greetings card art

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TBT** Ostara carrying the springtime in her hair :)

I made this painting several years ago when I had just starting painting, it was part of a Life Book 2014 lesson taught by Tamara Laporte, I made my version into the goddess Ostara and she is carrying the springtime in her hair!! I love this painting so much, I might even turn it into a greetings card!! :)

OSTARA painting joanne seale

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Video** Painting the watercolour mix tape cassette

I made a video of myself painting the watercolour mix tape and there is a special visit to the Design Museum in London at the end.
I hope you enjoy it :)

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New whimsical lettering painting – Life Book 2015

Hi, here is a new watercolour painting made for a Life Book class by the lovely Joanna Sharpe.
It’s been a long time since I’ve used my watercolours, I love their vibrant luminous colours. Who was it that said ‘watercolour painting is like painting with tears’?…
art feeds your soul water colour painting joanne seale

And here are some feathers, painted on a scrap watercolour page, these were made for another project that I will post soon.
feathers painting joanne seale

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Watercolour paintings

I now have some original watercolour paintings of the Kudu Antelope in my etsy shop here

Kudu antelope watercolour paintinf


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Recent Sketches..

I started painting and drawing for the first time last year and its been a great journey so far.
I’ve mainly been using watercolour and inks but more recently I’ve discovered the joy of graphite pencils.
Oh yes, and different types of paper for painting on, my most recent discovery is Glassine paper, I just love the way it feels and sounds when you crinkle it a bit… :)

here are a few recent sketches

tulip x-ray sketch

tulip x-ray sketch, watercolour

banana plant, pencil

banana plant, pencil

banana plant, watercolour

banana plant, watercolour

in progress

in progress, ink and collage

backwards elvis fish

backwards elvis fish, pencil

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