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New Greetings Card!! – Tree of Life month

Hello everyone!! I hope you are doing good on this December day? Maybe you are gently sliding into seasonal events and planning for the last month of the decade!!
Wow! we have come so far in 10 years.. I actually started this blog in 2010 and my first post was about my fascination with infrared photography, you can view it here
I will be once again taking up infrared imagery in 2020 as part of a dreamy landscapes project that will hopefully become a calendar, so watch this space!!

Anyhoo as we celebrate the end of a decade and welcome in a new calendar year I want to introduce you to December as ‘Tree of Life’ month and release my ‘Tree of Life’ painting in various different formats for the first time.

When I painted it I wanted to explore how the needs of a tree are very similar to the needs of a person. I placed those needs around the tree like the earth in which its roots could grow.

I think its quite fitting as we go into the new decade and into new versions of ourselves, to capture a reminder of how we can be both strong and delicate at the same time, and that all our aspects need to be nurtured in order for us to grow.

This first offering comes in the form of a ‘Tree of Life’ greetings card.
Please click to link below for more details and delivery options.


I welcome you all to join me in celebrating ‘Tree of Life’ month too, maybe you will paint a tree of your own?
If you are new to arting I will be making some new tutorials specifically for you to step into this wonderful life of art and creating.

Its easier than you think!!

tree of life painting greetings card joanne seale

tree of life painting greetings card joanne seale

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This was my first ever VJ gig!!

This was my first ever VJ gig!! It was at the Astoria, Leicester Square in London for top reggae band Morgan Heritage!

You could say that I threw myself in at the deep end there! But I went on to mix live visuals for many other reggae bands after that. It was an amazing experience 😁

I decided to be come a VJ or Visual Jockey after seeing a concert performance given by the VJ’s as Yeast https://yeastculture.org/

They were mixing video clips in time to the music of Nitin Sawhney http://www.nitinsawhney.com/ I had never seen anything like it in my life.
I chatted to the VJs after the show and they offered to train me to become a VJ myself!!

Thus began a 10 year journey into all things live video, I performed at Apple UK private events, went on tour with jazz stars, played to thousands in Trafalgar Square etc etc
It was a wonderful time in my life.

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Tree of Life painting – Acrylic on hot pressed paper

I’ve been thinking about this Tree of Life painting a lot recently, when I painted it I wanted to explore how the needs of a tree are very similar to the needs of a person.

I placed those needs around the tree like the earth in which its roots could grow.

As I take moment to breath before starting some new projects this painting reminds me that we can be strong and delicate at the same time. It’s all about balance..

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October social challenge!

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have started the October social challenge! Where I will be posting little tidbits about my self throughout October!
Mostly on my instagram here https://www.instagram.com/joanneseale and facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/joannesealeart/

but I will also copy the posts and content to my blog and website here http://www.joanneseale.com/

Yesterday I posted this photo and insight
joanne seale
I hate having my photo taken but here are some rare photos of me through the ages. Some things about me that you may not know… umm 😐 I have a degree in Environmental Biology, I’ve made things all my life including making my own clothes and toys as a child and teenager, I was one of the first VJ’s to be highlighted in the national press as part of the pioneering Yeast Collective, I sang ‘I will survive’ with Gloria Gaynor!! That’s it for now! Hopefully I will post more tidbits for the rest of October

Today I posted this little video showing you how to turn my Nubian mask design into a greetings card!!

Stay tuned for more little updates throughout the month of October!!!

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New Painting * – Be The Queen Of You

Hello everyone! I hope you are well? I am doing good and looking forward to creating lots of new juicy arts and crafts for you!
Today I would like to show you my latest ‘Curvy Girl’ arts and quotes painting.
She is an expression of how it is good to take possession of our self and how the most important real estate we can invest in is ourselves.
‘Be the Queen of you’ means taking full responsibility for our lives and being held accountable to ourselves.

be the queen of you  art painting Joanne seale

I painted her with what some might say are ‘thicc’ thighs as an expression and statement of body positivity and acceptance.
I can imagine that growing up many women with large thighs may have been called ‘thunder thighs’ or ‘Chaka Khan thighs’ but today we can all celebrate the gift of the large thighs that we have been given, just because… :)

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New Painting * Love in a time of Ebola – Acrylic on Canvas

Hello!!! Long time! I hope everyone is well?
Things have been a bit quiet here but lots has been happening behind the scenes most of which have been documented on my instagram here

But I will try to start a new weekly news roundup for my blog and website. Watch this space!!

So this new painting sort of evolved from an abstract art exercise that developed into a painting about current affairs.
It is called ‘Love in a time of Ebola’ and features acrylic on canvas.. Yes I am now working regularly on canvas!!
The painting sort of just appeared but it started with the eyes.
I don’t know where the Ebola reference came from but it was probably something that I had been reading and thinking about.
The 2 figures sort of look like either space travellers or androids and that meant something to me too.
But art is really about what you see in an image.
This painting is about affection, needs, love, distance, restriction, health, humanity etc etc.


love in a time of ebola painting art joanne seale

love in a time of ebola painting art joanne seale


love in a time of ebola painting art joanne seale


love in a time of ebola painting art joanne seale

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July Edition of ‘Art For Your Screens’ – You Are Enough

Hello! It is now July so time for a new edition of ‘Art For Your Screens’!
This month’s drop features my painting ‘You Are Enough’ and is great as a screensaver or wallpaper on your mobile phone, so you can have it on display at all times!
You can download it here

art for your screens painting joanne seale

This month one lucky person who downloads the artwork will also receive a signed physical copy of my cute cat watercolour painting posted to you, I will be selecting someone at random so watch this space!

watercolour cute cat face art painting joanne seale

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