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Tree of Life painting – Acrylic on hot pressed paper

I’ve been thinking about this Tree of Life painting a lot recently, when I painted it I wanted to explore how the needs of a tree are very similar to the needs of a person.

I placed those needs around the tree like the earth in which its roots could grow.

As I take moment to breath before starting some new projects this painting reminds me that we can be strong and delicate at the same time. It’s all about balance..

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New horse sketch..

Helloooo! Happy Saturday!

I’ve literally just finished sketching this horses head in charcoal, it’s the first time I used charcoal and it’s so lush.

The background was made from layers of gold, yellow and brown paint.

I need to make another of these in black paint as that was the original idea, but will keep this one too.

The horse is sketched from one of the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum.

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New Painting * Elephant Hawk Moth – Acrylic on Canvas

I love painting moths! It has been a while since I’ve made a nature painting so I decided to paint a Elephant Hawk-Moth!

The colours are delicious, like strawberry and lemon sorbet, it’s form is so sublime and aerodynamic that I decided to accentuate the lines to create an almost arrow-like shape.

It makes me wonder how many millions of years it took for nature to create something of such perfection. Can you imagine if you or I were given that task??

This will be the first canvas that I am putting up for sale, I am learning to let go of my paintings and offer them to new homes :)
Please find the details of the sale here

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

Elephant Hawk Moth – Acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm (Joanne Seale)

Please use the contact form here for enquiries

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

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I’ve finally finished my live cinema show ‘Hortus’ you can read a little about it below :)

Hortus explores the relationship between natural and urban environments, it takes the viewer on a journey of discovery through the presence, form and processes of vegetal nature found throughout cities but often overlooked and ignored.

Urban Nature

urban nature - tree green chain walk londonurban nature - corrugated iron fence weed plants londonurban nature - tree green chain walk london

Part 1 – ‘Urban nature’ features a tree as a metaphysical central character binding the human psyche with the non human and was inspired by Malcolm Le Grice’s Berlin Horse.

Filmed at various London man made linear green spaces that finger their way through concrete and brick, including the Green Chain Walk in South East London, The disused railway line Parkland Walk in North London and the Lea Valley towpath walk in East London.

Abstract nature

Part 2 – ‘Abstract nature’ was inspired by the representation of nature in abstract form in the work of Karl Blossfeldt and Paul Prudence.

achillia yarrow nature Londonabstract nature - foxtail lilly Eremurus robustusabstract nature - rose london

Featuring plants found in and around London it invites the viewer to look deeper into the geometric forms and structures of nature.
An attempt is made to induce a hypnotic mental state through forced motion within the imagery and optical fixation.

Unseen light

Part 3 – ‘Unseen light’ was inspired by the plant processes and light harvesting structures involved in photosynthesis, I wanted to convey something of the unseen quality of this phenomenon, which starts with light in the visible spectrum hitting chloroplast reaction centres and starting a chain of protein folding reactions.

unseen light - wellington arch london infraredunseen light - royal st james' palace london infraredunseen light - crystal palace dinosaurs infrared

Light in the infrared spectrum is reflected and it was this light (invisible to the naked eye) which was captured to make the video, using specialist camera filters.

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The Thames Path: Man versus Nature

I’ve always had an interest in the ecosystems and habitats that interface built and natural environments, the places within cities and at their edges where nature finds a foothold largely ignored by people.
It was with this in mind that I journeyed by bike along the Thames towards the Thames Barrier, searching for those magical spaces where a tapestry of plantlife exists within man-made cracks and crevices

Here is a short photo essay.

Buddleja davidii the Butterfly Bush, is a garden escapee species, originally from china  the common name is due to the large numbers of butterflies attracted to its rich nectar.

Grass seed heads against a dumped refuse sack.

Blackberrys growing up through cracks in the pavement, this is the common or uncultivated form otherwise known as Bramble.

Oenothera glazioviana the Evening Primrose growing on the concrete path next to the Thames

Evening Primrose flower head, these are often used in herbal remedies due to the calming, sedative properties in the plant.

Stones, ‘weeds’ and cigarette butts

Papaver rhoeas the common Poppy against a blue fence

Convolvulus arvensis the Common Bindweed amongst Buddleja near Canary Wharf

A type of Plantain stretching its leaves and flowers against a wall

Plants invade a disused jetty

Buddleja with some threads attached

A dead tree is left to rot in a car park near the O2

Sculpture and plants near the O2

Sedge grasses growing on the banks of the Thames near the O2

A forgotten doorway is slowly being reclaimed by nature

Some waste art mimics the natural forms of the vegetation along the riverbank

A local artist reminds us that nature and man can co-exist

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