Art For Your Screens – September Edition

Hello! It’s September already! Whoosh that was quick, I hope you all had a great summer and spent lots of time by the sea!! I know I did!! In celebration of all things Ocean! this months Art For Your Screens features a gorgeous Sea Nymph or Nereid. She mostly spends her time swimming around the…

New Quotes Lady* You Are Enough – Acrylic Ink and Paint on Paper

Hello everyone! I hope you are well? Yesterday I finished another quotes lady!! Whoo! In this painting I wanted to express how often we can look outside ourselves for validation and assurance that everything is ok. But I think it is true to say that resting in ones self and being true to yourself can…

Watch Me Paint “Rooted” – Acrylics on Paper

Hello, I’ve created a walkthough video of painting my recent picture “Rooted” in acrylics on paper. The painting represents my heritage of being part Jamaican and part Bajan (Barbados) This video includes a voiceover

New Painting – Rooted

Hello Again!! I finished this painting today! It is called ‘Rooted’ as it represents my heritage of being part Jamaican and part Bajan (Barbados). Acrylic on Paper

New Painting – The Jewel in the Lotus

Hello! Joanne here, I cant believe I didn’t post this painting yet, as it was completed some weeks ago. It was inspired by a Life Book 2019 lesson and will also be available as an Art For Your Screens Digital download.

Hello – Some news

Hello, I’ve been sharing news of some great things that have been happening in my life over on Instagram and Facebook, so thought I’d also share those posts here :) Firstly!! As you may know I am a bit of a secret gamer.. lol I started playing games in 2014 and was instantly hooked on…

New Painting – Girl Riding a Lion

Hello!! How are things? I am good and really enjoying having some time off!! Whooo! Ive hardly had any time off in the past 2 years so am looking forward to being able to focus on some personal projects and going on some trips. I managed to finish my ‘Girl Riding a Lion’ painting! This…