New Painting – Shine your light and embrace your shadow

I finally finished the last of my Life Book 2017 lessons… this one is ‘Shine your light and embrace your shadow’ made with watercolour paints and pencils.
shine light embrace shadow painting joanne seale


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My paintings will soon be available as greetings cards

I’ve been turning some of my paintings into greetings cards :)
Sneeak peek here!
sweet girl greetings cards painting joanne seale

body soul greeting cards painting joanne seale

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Cute animal boxes with added spring loveliness :)

Spring is almost upon us :) In between the snow storms anyway!
I’ve been filling my cute animal box designs with lots of spring loveliness in anticipation of warm weather, cute chicks and ickle baby bunny wabbits running around :)
The SVG paper cutting design can be found in my etsy here
cute animal boxes svg cutting file joanne seale
cute animal boxes svg cutting file joanne seale
cute animal boxes svg cutting file joanne seale

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New Painting** I Am Whole

This painting started out as a Life Book lesson on Frida Kahlo, but it sort of went in its own direction. I will be aking a video to explain this painting in more detail in the next few days.

I am whole painting art joanne seale

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New Painting * Rise From the Ashes

Hello everyone, I finished another Life Book inspired painting which I’ve named ‘From the Ashes’.
I painted it to explore the situations we can sometimes find ourselves in, when going through a hard time in life, we can feel destroyed, burnt to the ground in a pile of ash on the floor.
I wanted this painting to show how we all have the ability to rise from the ashes and renew ourselves, it takes courage, self-love and determination, but it is possible.

I talk about this more in the video linked below.

from the ashes painting joanne seale

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Cute animals gift boxes

Hello everyone! I hope you are well and managing to get through January with a little sunshine and happiness in your lives.
I have mostly been hibernating, learning new software and creating these cute little animal gift boxes!
They were really fun to make and developed from some newly purchased Promarker pens that inspired me to create in a more animation style and then turn the images into paper cuts!! Yes more paper cuts because we love them!

Here is the finished result, the designs are available for download here

cute animals gift box paper cut joanne seale

This is the artwork I made with the Promarker pens
world of cute prpmarker pen art joanne seale

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Design Museum 2017 – **video

Hello, I visited the new Design Museum in London last month as it had moved from the South Bank near London Bridge to it’s new home in Kensington High Street on the site of the former Commonwealth Building.

I initially went on a hunt for images of the Technics 1200 turntable for a project that I’m working on, but when I saw that a new Ferrari exhibition was on I decided to take a look.
ferrari under the skin design museum london joanne seale

It is probably the best designed exhibition I’ve been to, second only to the amazing armour galleries of the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow

arms and armour gallery Kelvingrove museum Glasgow joanne seale

On arrival you walk into a cubical filled with red light, now I knew I was sensitive to colour and light but this was something else, I couldn’t breath and felt as if I was being attacked by the light, I started choking lol it was so funny.

Here is a video of my visit, I filmed it in my ‘Alien Eyes’ style of filming as i call it.. lol enjoy!

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