Life book lesson – shadow and light

This was a life book lesson in the use of shadow and light, I used stencils in mine and lots of grunge layers with acrylic inks, Dylusions sprays, fluid acrylics and water-soluble crayon :) It will be used as a background for another painting. I took inspiration from the book cover of Cassandra Clare’s Infernal…

My New Midori Sketchbook

I got a new leather Midori notebook from ebay and made some handsewn inserts following a tutorial from the lovely Ray BlakeĀ  I’ve been using one of the inserts as a sketchbook, here are a few sketches

Sketches aged 11

I recently found some old sketches I made at age 11, to my knowledge these are the only sketches I made as a child!! I wish I had taken up art then!  

New painting – ‘Feel your feelings’

This was a life book lesson which I took in a new direction. I was in a pretty bad mood when I started painting it and tried to convey some of that in the portrait and gave it the title ‘feel your feelings’. It was also a practice lesson in painting 3/4 faces. Her name…