Art For Your Screens December Edition – Tree Of Life!!

Hello!!! I hope you are doing well on this glorious December day!!
I have been chilling and planning everything that I need to do next week which will include creating a new art tutorial aimed specifically at people who want to start arting for the first time! Stay tuned for more information!!

On Friday I went ice skating for the very first time! It was at Somerset House in London with Dj’s and even a steel band!!
However I don’t think my body will every recover from the experience lol, lets say that I managed to ‘Skate’ by holding onto the rail and pulling myself along for the whole 1 hrs session… ummm I think I need more practice.


Art For Your Screens is a new way of collecting, displaying and sharing artwork, this digital file can be used as a screensaver and wallpaper on your mobile phone.

The Tree of Life image shows how the needs of a tree are very similar to the needs of a person and show how self care is an important factor in our every day.
Let this art on your screen be a reminder to take care of yourself whenever you look at your phone!!

click on the picture to go to the download page
or view it here

tree of life art for your screens joanne seale

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