Hello everyone! its August hurrah! I hope you will be taking a well earned holiday this month whilst the sun is shining and the beach is calling!

This month’s ‘Art For Your Screens’ features the Nubian/Egyptian goddess Mehyt, she is named as such because she was the consort of Onuris, a hunter god who tracks down Mehyt in Nubia and brings her to Egypt as his wife.

The file can be found here

mehyt goddess art for screens joanne seale

Such a sweet and romantic story, it has made me want to learn more about the mythology of Nubia in particular and the various gods and goddesses of the region.

Art For Your Screens is a new way of owning and displaying art on your digital devices such as a computer display or digital TV.
The artwork can be used as a screensaver or wallpaper and is a fantastic way to have artwork displayed in your office or home.

Mehyt – The Distant Goddess is a mythical being originating from Nubia and Egypt, she is represented here with colourful paper cut flowers in her hair and a beautiful side profile.
The file can be found here

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