Sunday afternoon at the V and A

On Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
I was supposed to be going to see the Beatrix Potter exhibit on the 5th floor but got sidetracked by the wrought iron, metalwork and recently opened ceramics galleries :)
We also had an amazing meal in the beautiful cafe (some google pics here)

Here are a few highlights from the trip

Harlequin ceramic figures
Harlequin ceramic figures

I love the life-like poses of these figure, the bright colours and extreme expressions on their faces.

ceramic ladies in baths
ceramic ladies in baths

I wonder what these bowls were used for…

ornate lock
ornate lock

I wish all door locks were are beautiful as this.. life would be so much prettier :)

orange and white table set
Orange and white table set

The orange glaze on this ceramic set was very striking

Antique Keys
Antique Keys

Some beautiful keys

Mauve table set
Mauve table set

I first saw a table set like this at the National Maritime Museum and fell in love with it..

Vase with white foliage
Vase with white foliage

I’m not sure how the white foliage was created on this vase but it’s truly stunning!

The Hereford Screen
The Hereford Screen panel detail

The magnificent Hereford screen was designed by Frances Skidmore and was constructed using a technique called electroformed copper, I have a flicker set dedicated to the screen here

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  1. My mother has a taste in ceramics. I practically grew up with it all over the house, but I have to say that those are some very lovely pieces. It’s actually not surprising someone would get sidetracked.

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