New website

I’ve finally finished creating my new website, here you will find details of my video, art, photography and crafts

website banner joanne seale

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Shout out time..

It’s time for me to introduce you to a few dear friends.
Firstly my mentor Marc Silver presented his new film 3 1/2 minutes at the Sundance film festival yesterday. The film covers the murder trial of Jordan Davis with this message ‘The more we see each other as human beings, the less inevitable will be violent outcomes from racial bias and disparate cultures colliding.’
Marc inspired me to start VJing 10yrs ago and along with his partner at Yeast Productions taught me how to shoot film and mix clips, I then went on to cover tours for them and contribute to shows for Courtney Pine, Nitin Sawhney, Dennis Rollins etc etc. One of Marc’s films also inspired me to start painting :)
marc silver

Next up, my friend Evan Raskob is in the guardian today p45, he teaches coding and design at Ravensbourne College and also taught me the coding language ‘Processing’ many years ago :)
evan raskob

And lastly VJ mates Funk Cutter and Emma Plunket recently posted a photo of when we all vj’d in Trafalgar Square for the festival ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ many moons ago. It brought back dear memories :)
funk cutter

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Life book 2014 final lessons

Hi all, I’ve finally finished all my Life Book 2014 lessons.. YAY!

Here is one of my favorites, it was a Serena Bridgeman lesson that I used as a prompt, it looks nothing like the original lesson as I want to start developing my own ideas using Life Book as a spring board :)

home sweet home painting joanne seale

I will be starting Life Book 2015 very soon, after I’ve finished redesigning my website :)

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New painting – Brave courageous

This was a life book lesson where we had to show the passage of time by painting a young face with white hair.

It was also a celebration of everything we have learnt during our year long course, which is now coming to a close.. However I have also signed up for Life Book 2015 YAY!!!!!

Brave courageous painting joanne seale

I thought that looking back on my first life book lesson in April 2014 would be a good way to show my progress throughout the year.

This was my first ever painted portrait made 9 months ago :) I really didn’t know what I was doing and was too scared to add much paint. I remember not really understanding the shading at all and feeling utterly out of my depth, but I did love the painting and hung it on my wall in amazement of what I had just created. :)

ifebook 2014 inner artist guardian

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Starting something new


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January 4, 2015 · 10:33 am

New Life Book Painting – Whimsical Wizard

This is a recently completed Life book lesson from October, I added a funky whimsical wizard to this Halloween inspired painting..

whimsical wizard lifebook 2014 painting joanne seale

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Trip to Arundel in West Sussex, UK

A few weeks ago I took a lovely train trip to Arundel in West Sussex.

On arrival I was greeted by the sight of this amazing Norman castle

Arundel Castle

I then had a wander down some of the very pretty and historic streets which seemed to be full of art galleries and antiques shops. I found some lovely vintage suitcases there

Vintage suite case Arundel Vintage suite case Arundel

I explored a few galleries and found some amazing art by Emma Franks

Emma Franks painting

I bought a couple of art cards with her work printed on them.

I then wandered the mile or so down a gorgeous tree-lined lane to the Arundel Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre, and looked at lots of ducks! :)

arundel wildfowl and wetlands centre

arundel wildfowl and wetlands centre

There was an artist open day happening at the visitor centre and I talked to the Roy Kelf, the maker of these exquisite masking tape bird sculptures

roy kelf bird sculpture

All in all it was a super fantastic day out, I think I am in love with Sussex now, it’s so arty, natural and historic, all the things I love in an area :) I cant wait to explore more of this amazing county. :)

On the way home I had the pleasure of waiting for my train in the most comfortable waiting room I’ve ever seen, it had leather sofas, book shelves full of novels and a box full of DVDs!!!

Arundel Train Station waiting room

Thank you Arundel :)

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