New mixed media whimsy painting – Nereid

Yay! It’s the weekend. I started working on this painting last night, using one of the several layered backgrounds I made during my staycation.
I had no idea what it would become and just let it evolve as I was making it. So it turned out that the painting wanted to be a sea nymph, one who has been living on land and feeling like a fish out of water.
Nereid painting joanne seale
I used acrylics, water soluble crayon and inktense for the main painting, then added paper cut text and shapes painted with inktense to give texture.

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Deep in the vaults

Hi, I’m back at work after a 2 week stay cation. This is where the magic happens.


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Whimsical Rainbow Mermaid Painting

Hi all, I’m now on week 2 of my staycation and the time has just flown by.
I’ve managed to finish a whimsical rainbow mermaid after taking a willowing online class.
rainbow mermaid painting joanne seale
Whilst it was drying (on my macbook..oops) I popped out to the London Graphics Centre in Covent Garden to pick up a few art supplies.
art supplies sept 2014
I’m loving the Neocolor II water soluble crayons and Golden Fluid Acrylics.
On the way home I popped into the Gilbert and George exhibition in Bermondsey.
Gilbert and George Bermondsey
And then explored the area for a while, many years ago I lived in a converted loft in Bermondsey and love the historical shabby feel of the area, although like much of London it is becoming ever more gentrified.
Bermondsey Morocco Stores
Update! A print is now available in my etsy store here

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Various painting backgrounds in progress

My clothes dryer seems to have turned into a painting dryer…
painting dryer

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The Harvest Moon 2014

I popped outside to take some photos of this year’s Harvest Moon, I last captured it in timelapse during 2011, video below

Harvest moon 2014

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Lifebook week 34 – painting a whimsical girl

I’ve finally managed to get on with more Lifebook lessons, I’m not really doing them in order at the moment as quite a few weeks involved collage and image transfers, and that isn’t really my thing, but I have prepared some imagery to do the lessons later on in the week.
In this lesson we had to paint a whimsical ‘Tam girl’, Tamara has also posted up details of Lifebook 2015, take a look here
lifebook week 34 tams girl

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Fantastic Day in Greenwich

I decided to spend some time in Greenwich (London) today, taking the bus to Blackheath then walking to Greenwich via the park.
I was greeted by this amazing view
photo 2

There was a Tall Ships Festival happening on the River Thames so it was full of vintage craft.

I walked down the hill to the Queen’s House and found some Oriental drummers performing on the lawn

photo 1

Then spent some time inside the galleries of the house where the exhibition ‘Art and Science of Exploration’ was showing.
Afterwards I went to the indoor arts market down the road and got my mum a gorgeous hand painted ceramic vase.
I then popped into mum’s house where I found her cooking me a traditional Jamaican sunday dinner which included loads of her homegrown vegetables.
photo 4
This is chicken fregasse, made with a Broiler or ‘old chicken’ ie it had lived a long time and was very big.
It was cooked in a traditional Dutchy Pot.
We also had homegrown tomato salad with rice and peas, but my mum used homegrown red beans instead of peas.
photo 2-1
photo 1-1
It was really delicious.
My sister Maria was at the same time also having fun at her annual street party on the other side of London. :)

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