Reculver cycle ride on the Kent coast

Hi all, I went on an amazing cycle ride yesterday along the Kent coast from Margate to Reculver in order to capture some images of the amazing medieval ruins there.

I brought my DSLR and camcorder with me,  the DSLR was fitted with an infrared filter which allowed me to capture the atmospheric shots below.

reculver kent joanne seale photography

Colour IR

reculver kent joanne seale photography

An amazing sky and landscape

reculver kent joanne seale photography

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#TBT Antique crochet hooks

In 2011 I got these gorgeous antique crochet hooks and made some delicate doilies

crochet hooks joanne seale

crochet doilies joanne seale

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Jane Davenport whimsy portrait painting lesson

I’m finally getting on with my Jane Davenport ‘Express Yourself’ online course. This was one of the first lessons where we learnt how to paint a ‘Jane’ style face.

She is so cute! and I enjoyed practicing painting hair.

jane davenport painting joanne seale


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New Painting – Side profile face lesson

Hi, I’ve finished a new painting YAY!  It was part of a side profile portrait lesson, and although my proportions are a bit wrong I still really like it. I also practiced painting hair and concentrated on using white highlights in this painting.

side profile face painting Joanne Seale

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Thames Riverside Cycle Ride

Hi all :) I’m super busy this weekend but managed to upload a video shot last weekend of my cycle ride along the river Thames.

I hope you enjoy it, it was shot on my iPhone so a bit shaky. Till next time. x

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New painting :)

Hi, I’ve finally finished another painting after taking some time out to work on a new paper cutting template (details to be released soon).

This painting was based on a life book lesson by the lovely Jane Davenport, that I took in another direction.

fire kristine cashore clary cassandra clare painting joanne seale

I used Viva Decor champagne modelling crème and a stencil to create the cloak/wings

viva decor modeling creme

I love the shimmery mother of pearl look that this product has, it comes in various other colours all with a pearlescent quality and I can’t wait to try them.

I tried to replicate this iridescence using acrylic paint in the dress inspired by the wings of a Morpho butterfly, which was somewhat successful.

The runes were inspired by Shadow Hunter ‘marks’ from Cassandra Clare’s ‘Mortal Instruments’. I painted them, then scanned them and cut them on my Cameo, I painted them again before adding to my picture using matt medium.


I think my lady looks like a grown up version of Clary Fray, or even Kristin Cashore’s Fire. :)

I concentrated on using black in this painting and feel I should have used more white highlights, as the picture looks a bit flat…

But all in all it was a good learning curve in terms of using new techniques and practicing painting hair etc etc.


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#TBT Impressions of Ghent

Here is a new Throwback Thursday!! In 2010 I visited the beautiful city of Ghent in Belgium during the celebrations of at least 3 festivals! It was the Belgium National Day, the Ten Days Off clubbing festival as well as the Festival of Street Theatre.

I had a fantastic time, the city was alive with very friendly people, stages in each city square, a river side music festival, lots of really interesting street performances and mass tango dancing etc etc. I really felt I could stay for much longer and am looking forward to returning soon.


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